17th Century Art (full-back) tattoo

Here is such a beutiful full back tattoo that has some very obvious characteristics to art of the 17th-18th century approximately.

The man and womans bodies show such fine detail, and definition of the muscles. The shadowing of the ground around them and behind some of their legiments curves. The old trees next to them look like they flow with the wind, and slant in a way that has a calm and smooth feeling to them.

I love the birds on this girls arm. As well as the subtle sky that surrounds them. All of these object in this tattoo fit well in place in this romantic themed full-back tattoo.

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  1. ace

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the art, shading and scene. The only things I can see that I am not crazy about is the guys face (maybe just a bad angle) and his hamstrings could be better defined (with that much muscle on the back/arms/quads, I would think he would have hams). Overall though, magnificient!