3 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Custom Tattoo Designs

Unique custom tattoo design is the most expensive tattoo design in the parlor. You will probably going to pay extremely high price for a unique custom tattoo design if you ask a professional tattoo artist to design one for you.

Here are 3 easy steps to follow to make a simple yet unique custom tattoo design:
1. Firstly, you can get your favor tattoo design online and save it to an image file in your computer. Then change the Width and the Height to 64 pixels by using Photoshop or other photo editing software to do that.

2. To make the task even more simple. Only two colors of Black and White will be using in this step. So, you have made the tattoo image to become Black and White. Everything in white will be your tattoo. Anything black will be invisible to you in the game. So you start by filling in the whole square with black. Then you can draw your extra masterpiece or modify the design. After you are done, save it as an 8-bit grey scale bitmap.

3. Make different colored tattoos. Different Multi-colored tattoos will allow you to stack and puzzling them together. You will find a perfect integration colored tattoo. Of course, you will make your own custom tattoo perfectly if you willing to apply some works of practice and creativity.

After you found the unique tattoo design you want. Then you should print it out and get some advices form tattoo artist if you want it inked permanently. You also can ink it with the henna tattoo if you want it temporary.

In my opinion, you should go for the temporary tattoo first for your custom made tattoo design. It will allow you to test on your creation in the short-term. Then you can ink again with the permanent one if you really satisfy with in later.

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