3 Most Famous Rose Tattoo Designs

Do you know why rose is so famous across several decades? And why the rose tattoo designs are very famous recently? The general reason is that it normally has been linked to the romantic connotation, beauty and the sexual relationship between men and women. One would have to guess that the popularity of the rose has been linked to the romanticred-rose-tattoo.jpg connotations that roses have between lovers.

Especially girl are the group of tattoo fan that strongly interested to the rose of creative flower tattoo designs. But somehow, guys are also increasingly wearing a rose tattoo too but slightly with certain level of masculine effect added. However, if you are considering having a rose tattoo design, you must take a look on these 3 most famous rose that have been voted by the tattoo lovers.

English Roses

It’s a bit related to the history… Do you know why a pretty woman is always called as “An English Rose” in the early decade?

Thanks to the writing of Shakespeare where he refers to the red rose and called lady he love a red rose, “O my love is like a red, red rose”.

Hence, the romantic connotation of the rose is also reflect in more aggressive situations where the symbol of roses are the family symbols of two of England’s famous and feuding families.

-The Lancaster’s (whose Family emblem is the red rose)
-The York’s (whose coat of arms is made up of white rose).

In addition, the red rose also symbolized the dominant political parties of Britain (Labor Party) as well.

Guns `N’ Roses

The increasing of acceptance for men to ink with rose is due to the popularity of the “Guns “N” Rose (The symbol of the 1980′s rock band). A lot of the masculine guys were rushing to the tattoo parlor for that kind of “Gun “N” Rose” tattoo design.

It becomes the symbol of the rock music and lifestyle. The rose tattoo is very unique as it integrating the image of the rose with tattoos of guns. As a result huge group of music and tattoo fans both men and women emulated this famous band by getting this kind of rose tattoo.

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