3D Tattoos

Every decade or so something new comes back around that ends up becoming hugely popular, and staying that way for a long time. First, there was TV, then ways to record TV (who can forget the fight between Betamax and VHS), and now different ways to view TV are popular. 3D has hit the world in a big way, and almost every movie that has been released in the past 6 months has a 3D version available to enjoy. Believe it or not, there are actually 3D tattoos, and they’re also becoming very popular.

Unlike 3D movies or video games, 3D tattoos do not have to be viewed using any sort of special glasses, which is one reason why they’re becoming so popular.

3D tattoos are basically just tattoos that are placed on the body in a strategic place, and that are designed with the right shadowing, so that the tattoo looks 3D, and as though it is sticking out of the skin, or going into the skin, even though it’s not. This effect is definitely a very cool one and can work beautifully if it’s done right.

If you’re thinking about getting 3D tattoos, make sure you’re going to be working with an artist who has done 3D tattoos before.


Some artists don’t know how to do the shading appropriately, which will transform your wanna-be 3D tattoo into something that definitely isn’t 3D.

Make sure you look closely at any sketches your artist puts together for you and that you both pick the right spot on your body. If it’s done right, your 3D tattoos should look as though they’re not flush on the skin but rather pushing out of the skin or poking into it. It is definitely a unique and fun design if you have the right artist working with you.

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