4 Golden Rules on Choosing First Tattoo

Majority of the individuals who have never got a tattoo normally just go into a tattoo shop and do not take time when choosing first tattoo designs. This is very serious considering that a tattoo is permanent and stays with you throughout your life.

Rule Number One – you should never and I repeat never ink the name of your spouse on your body.

This has been mentioned and written countless times. It could be the next most famous line to the words of the first man on the moon. Nevertheless, plenty of people still consider getting love inspired tattoos as an expression of love. I can consider myself a romantic individual and I like to ponder on enduring love, however this is not to say that we should allow ourselves to be hypocrites or deceive ourselves. It is possible that you do know of a couple that has been together for a period of twenty years. The probability of this has diminished over the years. Thinking before inking is very important.

The Second Rule – If you want to get a foreign inscription it is important to know its correct meaning.

For instance there are plenty of people who have Chinese symbols that are inked on their skin and it is quite probable that they do not know what the inscriptions mean. I once read a piece about this lady who had a Chinese tattoo pattern. She initially wanted a symbol meaning ‘free’; however, she inadvertently got a symbol that meant ‘free of charge’. In Chinese culture both these concepts have no relation however she asked to have a symbol meaning free and in the end that is what she got.

The Third Rule – it is important to have a good reason why you intend to get a tattoo.

The various patterns on offer can be very attractive and it feels good to display then especially during summer. However if this happens to be your only reason why you want a tattoo then it is probably better to get a temporary rather than a permanent tattoo. The temporary ones can just be as beautiful as the actual ones. They will normally just fade away gradually and this means you will be able to get a different one the following summer. Permanent designs are appropriate for those individuals who highly value tattoos as works of art. They will enjoy displaying them but this is not their main intention. Tattoo designs are representative of a person’s lifestyle. Ponder on this.

If you are completely sure that you need to get a tattoo though you do not have any clue as to the type of design to get, then you need time to make the right decision. In some cases the temporary designs could assist in giving you an idea of what to get inked permanently. It is not advisable to browse through discussion forums online and ask people for ideas. Instead, you should have your own personal reasons why you want a permanent tattoo.

The Fourth Rule – Never ask your friend to tattoo for you just because they are ready and willing to ink your tattoo for free.

It is wrong for an unqualified individual to use needles and other sharp implements on your skin. Ensure that you seek the services of a skilled professional to carry out the process of tattooing and also be certain to get all the relevant information concerning the artist’s previous work. The hygienic standards of the shop will also be put into consideration when choosing first tattoo designs.

It’s very difficult to find your first tattoo that you will love the most for the rest of your life. However, You can found your ideal tattoo designs & ideas online via the online tattoo gallery.

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