5 factors on Getting First Tattoo Ideas

Wearing a tattoo does a lot of things to your personality. It magnifies your presence and enhances your personality. Several surveys conducted have stated that one sixth or let us say about 16% of the adult Americans wear a tattoo.

However, getting first tattoo ideas can be a bit confusing and a difficult process. Since tattooing is going to be a permanent art work on your body, you need to really give some importance to the process of selecting your tattoo design. So, in this review let me try and make this process a bit simpler by telling you how to go about choosing the size, type and design of your first tattoo and where to get it.

Pain and Tattoo Placement Area: These two factors are related to each other. Tattooing is a little painful process and the fleshier parts of your body will be less painful then areas where the skin is close to the bone. For example an ankle tattoo may be a little more painful. However, as getting first tattoo ideas ankle tattoos are quite popular and since the area is small the tattoos also will be small and hence the pain also will be for a shorter period. You could perhaps suggest that the tattooist use a dry gun if your threshold for pain is less.

Tattoo Size: It would be wise to ink in a small tattoo for a first timer. This way you have an opportunity to decide whether you really like tattoos or you would like to cover it up. And if you love tattoos, you can always extend it later or go in for multiple tattoos.

Design and Purpose: The design of your tattoo depends on why you are inking in the tattoo. For getting first tattoo ideas ask yourself questions before you choose the design. For example, what would you like the tattoo to depict? Whether it is your individual character or any unforgettable event in your life? Whether it should give a social message or symbolize a value?

Type of tattoo: There is a vast variety of tattoo out there like Celtic tattoo, Aztec tattoo, tribal tattoo, modern and trendy tattoo, traditional tattoo, black and white tattoos, nautical tattoos, love tattoos and many, many more. Besides, depending on placement there are shoulder tattoos, sleeve tattoos, ankle tattoos, wrist tattoos and so on. Getting first tattoo ideas for the type of tattoo can depend on purpose and design of your unique tattoo.

Tattoo Galleries: While there are hordes of tattoo designs available in the free tattoo sites in the internet, I would suggest that you look further since these cannot be downloaded. Register as a member on payment website and they will provide with classy tattoos, with lots of info on tattoos and its symbolism and history of tattoos. Getting first tattoo ideas will be easier on such websites.

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