7 Simple Steps to Choose the Right Body Part For Your Dream Tattoo

When we talk about tattoo designs, we can find some very brilliant styles and designs.

But you still have to select the body part that match the best to your selected dream tattoo, even though you got your perfect tattoo design in hand. It’s too late once the tattoo inked unless you wants to go through expensive procedures to get it removed.

Select the dream tattoo is very easy. but the problem is that have you chosen the right place for your lovely tattoo. It would be a destroyer if you place it in the wrong place.

Here are 7 simple steps to choose the best body part for your dream tattoo:

1) Scan your Body Parts

You have to select the potential body part that you want it to be inked before you even think of choosing your tattoo design. It will save you a lot of money and time by doing this simple initial step since you may helps you to scope down and more precise when choosing or buying your tattoo.

2) Visualize your dream tattoo

Once you have selected the body part to get inked. You may think of what kind of tattoo best fit to that place on your body. Try to visualize the potential or the several tattoo design you like having inked in that body part. What is the feeling? Does it inspire you? Slowly you will find the specific type in term of the size, color, category, design that you want.

3) Source for tattoo design samples

When you got some ideas of the type of tattoo designs you like the most to be inked in that part of your body. It is time for you to get the various samples of tattoo design. Unavoidable, the most convenient and faster way to get thousand of brilliant tattoo design is via online tattoo gallery. For that I highly recommend Chopper Tattoo & Tattoo Me Now. But you can also shop in the tattoo shop if you got time to do so.

4) Brainstorming the tattoo designs

Try to go through all the tattoo design you have buy online. Brainstorm them carefully. View them by categories.

5) Shortlist your selected tattoos

By now, it’s time for you to select the several tattoo designs you like the most. And start shortlist the tattoo design by 20 fist, then again to 10 in second round.

6) Test your tattoo

It would be easier to select “the one” form 10 tattoo design than hundred of them. But I think it still get your head spinning around since its’ seem perfect for all these 10 tattoo designs. One way to sole it! Just test the tattoo design one by one. Print out the 10 tattoo designs, cut it out in shape, and stick the tattoo designs one by one at the selected body part. It’s sure you would be easier for you to decide which one you feel match the best.

7) Get the final opinion from others

You can try to ask some opinion regarding the selected tattoo design from you friend or tattoo artists. Since tattoo is an art that widely visually to everybody around you. It’s better and safer to ask some valuable opinion form others. And to make sure it will be perfectly done and regretless after it gets inked on the body part you have selected.

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