A Sentimental Religious Tattoo –The Praying Hands Tattoo

The art of body marking or tattoos are also used as a religious expression as in the praying hand tattoo. It is considered as one of the religious tattoos today. Millions of religious tattoos designs are available in the market. Religious tattoos are usually permanent markings therefore a lot of praying-hand-tattooscontemplating is needed before having yourself pierced. To have a religious tattoo, you should examine your faith before choosing one. The most popular choice is the praying hand tattoo which comes in different sizes and designs.

Painted during the 15th century by the German artist Albrecht Dürer for the Mayor of Frankfort, “The Praying Hands” is considered the most replicated image for a religious tattoo. The painting has a very touching story. The hands were believed to be of Dürer’s brother. Both brothers were artists however their family were poor and cannot support both of them to practice the art. One should work in the mines to support the other. One night, they flipped a coin and the unlucky one had to work in the mines. Dürer was lucky while his brother kept his part of the bargain. As a tribute to his brother Dürer painted the “The Praying Hands”. It is a beautiful expression of sacrifice and unconditional love. Having the praying hands tattoo shares the same expression originally conveyed by the artist who originally painted it.

The praying hands tattoo today connotes several meaning such as symbolizes a person’s religious belief, a prayer in memory of a loved one. Specifically, the praying hands tattoo is a very sentimental mark. It usually reminds the person who has it of great experience conquered. Some couples include inscriptions of their names or a significant date with the praying hands tattoo. Some parents have this religious tattoo design inked on their children and on them. It symbolizes their eternal guidance for their children, and for the parents to remind them of how they are to their children. Associated with sentimental reasons, this religious tattoo design is also a source of great comfort to overcome depression or grief.

Religious tattoo artists use the picture of the actual painting of the praying hands when they do the praying hands tattoo. There are so many versions of the praying hands tattoo available. The selection process can be over whelming, you just have to take your time when selecting a praying hands tattoo design suited to your taste.

Whatever is the design of your religious tattoo, the beautiful but sentimental praying hands tattoo included, it is important to be meticulous. The artist you should choose may not be an expert but he knows what he is doing. You can look at his previous work to help you decide who among the tattoo artist to do it. A good religious tattoo design with an excellent artist can produce wonders for you. Especially the praying hands tattoo, it something you will be proud to show off when done appropriately.

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