About Animated Tattoo Designs

One of the animated tattoo designs depicts a sweet and sexy lady dressed in her apparel and stands holding a gun. These animated tattoos have no hidden meaning. There are many various kinds of such animated characters that are well known by the public inked on different parts of the body.

Tattooing is among the oldest and most recognized form of body modification that man has known. Nowadays, obtaining animated tattoo designs or any types of tattoo is much standardized and safer procedure compared to what it was before. Current tattoo artists make use of a tattoo machine that resembles a small sewing machine gun (handheld) for the tattooing.

The machine used for the tattooing has over the years remained unchanged since it was invented in early parts of 1800. Other than the changes made to improve its safety and methods of sterilization, the tattoo technology has not seen any significant change. However, this all changed with the entry of animated tattoo designs.

Animated tattoo designs are what they sound- they are implanted images, which in fact move underneath the person’s skin. Just like the other tattoos, these animated ones also create a bubbly and lovely feel; it brings out the wearer’s interest in the cartoon animations shown in books and films.

Using modern technology, the animated tattoo designs made are simple and permanent and are placed under the skin. These tattoo designs are loved by teenagers mainly because of their universal appeal and simplicity.

In technical terms, the animated tattoo can be referred to as Programmable Subcutaneous Visible Implant (PSVI). The PSVI is a specially designed and small LCD image that is implanted on the skin and displays images that are pre-programmed. Liquid Crystal Displays or LCD are utilized in various modern items such as TVs, digital watches, and computer monitors. Jay Sean Singer is the man responsible for breathing life into the PSVI. Singer modified this piece of technology for it to display one-color, simple animations from under the skin.

There are two advantages that PSVI tattoos have over the traditional ones. Of course, the first advantage is their ability to be animated, thus bringing a new level to body art. The other advantage is that despite the implant surgery being somewhat a permanent procedure, the images can be changed. Since PSVI can be programmed you can be able to change the tattoo image by having it “reprogrammed”.

You ought to go for quality artwork whether or not you have already found a desired tattoo or are looking at the different types of animated tattoo designs. Majority of folks end up looking at general stuff and this is not a great idea. Individuals who go through plenty of art end up using an attractive tattoo and in fact 99 per cent have regrets after one month. To prevent this from happening, tattoo enthusiasts should go for the animated tattoo designs.

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