About Tattoo Lettering

Tattoos have been around for a long time. Once used as a symbol of religion and spirituality amongst various early civilizations, tattoos in the modern day define the attitude of an individual.

There are numerous designs and patterns that an individual can choose from when considering the ideal design. Despite the numerous trends, the most famous and in vogue tattoo designs consist largely of written words. This is referred to as tattoo lettering, or using a tattoo font.

There have numerous types of tattoo lettering that have been used as tattoos over the years. The letterings have always been a fundamental part of the tattooing business. Individuals today prefer to get tattoos with lettering done on their bodies in order to carve their attitude on themselves. This helps the individuals in making a definitive style statement. The designing of the tattoo speaks volumes about the lifestyle and attitude of the individual along with their preferences.

There are numerous tattoo fonts that are used. The letter used range from small letters to the big and fancy capital letters. These alphabets are usually enclosed inside swirls, scroll or banner. Every single individual who calls himself a tattoo artist must be well equipped with the various techniques that are used for using letters in tattoos.

Selecting the perfect type of letters can be a tedious task. It should thus be known that the two most common and perhaps the most popular styles of tattoo lettering are scripture (or cursive writing) and lettering in block letters. Celtic tattoo tettering, Japanese tattoo lettering and Tribal tattoo lettering are all popular choices.

Besides selecting the tattoo design, an individual must also pay close attention to the skills of the tattoo artists. Tattoo lettering is a very highly skillful process and thus cannot be done by an amateur or any untrained professional. An individual should therefore take due precautions and check the experience of the tattoo designer.

An individual should not leave out various details including the spacing between two alphabets. These details may seem too trivial but speak at length about the experience and skills of the designer. The individual who wishes to get lettering done should also do some elementary research through the various books and similar other resources.

There are endless numbers of lettering styles. Amongst the large number of lettering and the various related designs, it has been observed that individuals tend to get various designs modified to suit there personal choices. This personalization of tattoos helps the individuals to connect better with their tattoos.

An individual should also keep in mind the purpose for the tattoo and then accordingly select the design that suits him the best. Also, a tattoo is generally made on a part of the body that is generally visible and the text should thus be selected accordingly. There are various famous personalities who have had tattoo lettering done on their forearms or other parts of the body. Lower back battoos incorporating tattoo lettering are also popular.

There are numerous tattoo designs that are available. The latest and perhaps the best form of tattoos that are being used are ambigrams. An ambigrams is essentially a word that is written in such a way so that it can be read from any direction. Ambigrams are relatively new but are gaining largely in popularity. They can easily be considered as the latest craze in the tattoo industry.

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