Air Force Tribal Tattoos — The Honor of Air Force Soldiers

Air force tribal tattoos these days have come to be considered as one of the most patriotic acts by the air force soldiers. The tribal tattoos come in various designs, forms and colors. The tattoos used by the air force soldiers are more often than not one of these tribal designs.

The tribal tattoos were first discovered with some tribesmen dancing around a campfire. When a charred rod touched their skin, it left marks. The tribes considered this to be a blessing of sun god. To be blessed by the sun obviously meant that these people were very courageous. The same logic perhaps follows when air force soldiers sport various tattoos. Indeed these are the courageous men who have devoted their lives to the service of the nation.

The general representations are that of the fallen soldier’s cross or a battlefield cross. Along with these, often skull tattoos with swords and crosses are found. This simply symbolizes devotion to the job, acceptance of the challenges and the brave soldierly spirit. At times, the tattoos sport scenes of fallen troops, death and devastation. These could go on to mean either the bravery of the soldiers or the sacrifice of their friends, family and close people. Air force tribal tattoo also reminds of the loss incurred during wars, death of loved one and so on. However, it is tough to find a single tattoo representing all these at a go.

As they say, pictures indeed speak. So, interpret the air force tribal tattoos in your own way!

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