All Panther Tattoos

Although All the Panther Tattoos are not the most common tattoo you’ll see around, if you do happen to see one, like all tattoos, it was carefully chosen. Because of the length of these big cats, most if not all panther tattoos are seeing crawling up legs, backs, arms, and occasionally around the torso. Although most popular among the men, the panther tattoos has been known to show up on the skin of some females as well. Most women who get these panther tattoos are considered to have a ‘wild side’. A panther tattoo makes a pretty powerful statement, whether it is worn by man or woman.

Some of the most popular tattoo designs combine tribal drawings merged within the panther tattoos. These specific types of tattoos are not only appealing as body art; they make strong visual statements also. The panther tattoo, and the panther itself, are known to symbolize strength, valor, and personal leadership. The point is that when you see someone wearing a panther tattoo they are sending you a deeper message about who they are on the inside.

The Panther Tattoo as a cover-uppanther-tattoo

Because an inordinate amount of black ink is used in the creation of almost all panther tattoos, they are an excellent choice to cover-up an existing tattoo. The head portion on a basic panther tattoo is often used to cover older tattoos that are in the rounded position. For unwanted tattoos that run lengthwise the crawling panther body is often an excellent option for cover-up as well. Whether prowling or crawling, the panther tattoo is a great choice for seamless cover-up of an existing tattoo.

Why choose the panther tattoo for your design?

The panther is a member of the leopard and the puma family and is a very complex creature. In some circles, the panther is known to represent the attractiveness and courage in women. This connection between the panther and women is said to stem from the panther being gentle black-panther-tattooand loving with her children while ferociously protecting her family. Common folklore even says that the panther possesses such sweetness of breath other animals and humans can smell from great distances; because of this panthers represent the ‘breath of life’.

All panther tattoo designs can range from basic on up to elaborate. Many, though not all panther tattoos feature waterfalls and or bamboo plants with the goal being to add things to the tattoo that appear in the panther’s natural habitat: the Southeast Asian rainforest.

The Black Panther movement among African Americans in this country also led to increased use of the panther tattoo in the 1960’s and even today is in regular use.

The panther tattoo may not be new but it is a tattoo with a classic style that will always make it current and useful in this generation’s world of tattoo art.

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