Amazing Technique

Yes, I admit it…I’m not really sure what this particular symbol means. It does appear to be some kind of writing. If you know what it means, please share!

That said – The technique here is just too good to not show off! The combination of shading, dots and lines in this image what makes you stop and take another longer look at this tattoo. The precision of the dots as they melt into the shading of the color is masterful. Subtle white shading on the inside of the design is in great contrast to the dark lines and gives a clean look to the entire tattoo.

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  1. phoebe

    I believe it is a stylized Om, a Hindu symbol of the absolute. It encompasses the past present a future. It is often used as a mantra when meditating.

  2. Freelove

    It’s an OM (or AUM like the chant Aaaa-uuuu-mmmm).
    From Wikipedia:
    Om or Aum (also Au?, written in Devanagari as ? and as ???, in Sanskrit known as pra?ava ????? [lit. «to sound out loudly»] or Omkara or au?k?ra (also as Aumk?ra) ????? (lit. “au? syllable”) is a mystical or sacred syllable in the Indian religions, i.e. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.