Ambigram Tattoos

Ambigram Tattoo of FatherAmbigram tattoos are one of the newest styles to be part of the tattoo design popularity. Compared to other favorite styles like nautical tattoos, tribal designs, and Celtic tattoos which have been around for many decades, ambigrams are very new. They were first noted back in 2004.

Ambigrams are an interesting tattoo design that essentially plays tricks on the eye. It is a lettering design that enables the reader to read a word right side up or upside down. In some of these designs the words will be exactly the same. The fonts are cleverly used so that the words are perfectly legible in both directions.

The other type of ambigram is a more complicated version. This design displays one word in one direction and a different word in the other direction. This is more intricate and is best when certain guidelines are followed. This includes using words that have the same amount of letters in each word. And it is also recommended that you stay away from the more difficult letters to use in ambigram which includes Q, U, W, V, and Z.

These designs work better if you keep the words down to a small number. Although you can use this design for multiple words and many letters this also complicates the visual effect. My advice is to keep it short. This is good advice since you are adding it to your body as a tattoo and you have a limited amount of space no matter what part of the body you decide to use.

You can obtain premade ambigrams with popular words over the Internet or from some tattoo shops.

There are also some websites that offer an automatic program that can create ambigrams on-the-fly. Of course this type of software is likely to have limitations. The ideal source would be a talented artist who was familiar with this art form and would be able to draw you up a unique design with the words of your choosing.

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