Angel Tattoos

One of the more popular types of tattoos that most tattoo artists do on people is an angel tattoo. Angel tattoos are extremely popular because they mean different things to different people.


Some people use an angel tattoo as they might cross tattoos — to show their religious affiliations. Others use their angel tattoos as a way to remember a friend or family member, some like it because it is a style of a fantasy tattoo, and still some people simply have an angel tattoo because they find it to be simply beautiful and feminine. If you’re thinking about getting an angel tattoo, here are a few tips to remember.

First, don’t assume that your angel tattoo has to look like the typical angel tattoo. There are a number of ways that you can make your heavenly tattoo look different than everyone else’s. To begin with you can have your angel in a different pose than normal. Instead of simply hovering, you can have her doing something, such as sitting on a cloud or doing some other type of action. Your angel tattoo doesn’t even have to be a literal tattoo, but can, instead, be of something that reminds you of an angel, such as a harp or even a halo.

One thing to remember when you’re picking angel tattoos is that the wings are extremely important. Some tattoo artists can do wings beautifully, while others make the wings look highly cheesy. Make sure your tattoo artist is one who is able to handle angel wings, or you may wind up absolutely hating your new angel tattoo before the thing has even scabbed over.


And finally, make sure you have a space that is big enough for your angel tattoo. Small tattoos have very little details, while larger ones have room for much more detail. Before you even think about getting a tiny angel tattoo, make sure you are prepared to deal with the fact that it may not be very detailed.

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