Angel Wing Tattoos

Many people want to ink angel wing tattoo on their bodies. It has become a fashion trend to embed angel wings. Angels are regarded as God’s representatives although we find bad angels in The Bible, who rebelled against God. These tattoos signify different things to different people.

Angel wings are found in many books, pictures and photos. John Minton’s Paradise Lost, Christopher Marlow’s Dr. Faustus and many other comic books are full of angels. Many movies with angels have also fascinated us. Many articles written regarding the ancient angel myths as well. Angels represent both light and dark side of life. There are many myths and legends associated with these angels since hundred years ago. Angel tattoos are found in different colors, shapes and sizes. Many famous personalities, celebrities, movie stars, modals and many others love to wear these angel tattoos.

The art of tattooing is popular in both men and women. Many added native cultures have been practicing tattooing for spiritual and religious reasons though it is sometimes considered as a mark of status. There are several tattoo designs like guardian angels, cherubs, arch angels and fallen angels. To draw the symbolical connotations from these tattoos, it is important to know which angel signifies what.

Guardian angels are considered to be loving and great protective. People wear the guardian angel wing tattoo to protect themselves from difficulties and dangers. There is also a belief that these angels protect children and act as guardians.

Cherubs are the messengers of love. They strike love into our hearts. People generally dedicate such cherub tattoos to someone whom they love most.

Arch angels represent the warriors of God. These tattoos usually depict a human form with a sword in hand and spread wings. People with a spiritual bent of mind wear these tattoos.

Fallen angels are the evil angels who waged a war against God. They represent the darker side of life. A dark ink is used to portray these tattoos. Lucifer, Beeljibub, Mephistopheles are popular evil spirits.

Before going to wear an angel wing tattoo, always remember that it is not only a style statement but, it also has a significance of its own. So analyze what you want to convey because it acts as a reflection of your personality.

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