Angel Wings Tattoo Design

Tattoo designs of angel wings have grown in popularity in the past decade. You will find many artistic variations of colors, textures, sizes and styles either in internet searches or most popular tattoo magazines. Variations of the design range from life-size wings which take up the entire back area with some including a realistic shadow effect that make the wings look like they are naturally protruding from the shoulder blades.

Angels are a popular subject with many and some are attracted due to the religious aspect.

Ironically, in biblical times when angels were described wings are not necessarily part of the description. Although, throughout history artwork often identifies angels with wings. Perhaps because people believe they “come down” from the heavens is the reason for the association.

Full back tattoo angel wings are more popular with women. You are more likely to see a female with the full pack piece covering them from tail bone to neck area. This may give the person a comforting and protective feeling. Angel wings are a positive and uplifting feeling. If you throw the religious aspect into their makeup, they will probably achieve an even high uplifting image.

Even if religion is not your thing, you may find yourself drawn to angel wings tattoos. Many find them appealing and attractive and associate them with a fantasy representation. The wings may possibly and subliminally remind us of the childlike dream we have to be able to fly.

Small wing like designs are often used on memorial tattoos for relatives and friends. Often they are displayed as a small pair of wings with attractive text memorializing that person’s existence.

Sometimes the feathers are given a realistic feel and others are more wispy in the texture. A similar variation of wings include fairy wings, some with a web like netting in between the bones. Also dragon wings with pointy bones protruding from scale like textured wings.

You may have your own variance of the design that is unique. Find an image that is close to what you have in mind. Then find an artist that is adept at custom tattoos. They should be able to work with you to achieve the style of angel wings you want.

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