Angel Wings Tattoos

There are a number of different types of tattoos that are considered to be popular tattoos, including birds, butterflies, hearts, and, believe it or not, angel wings. Angel wings have been tattooed on people for a long time, and they don’t have to be tattooed just on the back. Many times, you’ll find people have put angel wings tattoos on their arms, legs, or even their torso. However, did you realize that there are a lot of different types of wings you can get tattooed on yourself?

When you first start looking at angel wings tattoos, you’ll see that there is a wide array of different styles of tattoos you can get. Some of them are tattoos that look like what you’d consider a classic pair of angel wings to look like, with detailed feathers and looking like the classic angel wings do.

There are also all sorts of other types of angel wings. You may, perhaps, prefer guardian angel wings that have a light color to them. There are also cherubim wings and seraphim wings. These types of wings are smaller than regular wings and tend to be a bit darker as well, although you can always have the color lightened up if you would prefer that.

You can also get wings that are known as the angel of death wings or fallen angel wings. These types of wings are much darker than traditional angel wings but, at the same time, they’re just as detailed. It’s a good idea for you to speak with your tattoo artist to make sure that you and your artist have the same mind.

If you don’t speak with your tattoo artist you may wind up getting wings that are not what you would want them to be, and removing tattoos is not an easy task.

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