Ankle Tattoos: A Modern Art Form to Flaunt Your Sleeker Legs

Getting tattooed with ankle tattoo is undoubtedly a modern art form. No one will deny its craze among the youths all over the world. The youngsters are rushing to the tattoo artists to get their favorite designs tattooed on the body. It definitely gives them a cool look!

No region on the body is barred from being tattooed. Obviously, depending on the different areas, the pain is more or less. The arms, back, lower back and chest are the favored areas. But don’t get surprised if a lady is flaunting her long sleek leg with a virgin tattoo on her ankle or feet! That’s giving her a unique look idea. The ankle tattoos are the talks of the town!

However, many people are unaware of the exact methods of foot tattooing. Rather, they are naïve to understand the extent to which the tattoo can be made. If the ankle tattoos are made slightly in the upper part of the ankle, they are likely to be less painful. If you want to make it exactly on the bony part of the ankle, it is better to opt for smaller tattoos instead of bigger ones. On the higher sides, because of fleshy aspects, you can have slightly bigger tattoos. People thus commit mistakes in selecting the area and the tattoo design suited to the ankle region. Also, there will be a lot of pain if the tattooing is done directly on the bony surface.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the ankle tattoos are for life and you have to choose your tattoo very careful rather than simply picked some kitty picture designs for it. And most tattooists think that it’s much better than the wrist tattoo placement and temporary tattoo. If you get it designed very low and if the skin there gets wrinkled over the years, it may look shriveled too. The calf is the region that is unlikely to age faster. So, a calf tattoo is likely to last long. Also, the people mistake the ankle as the part that will bleed less. On the contrary, being on the lowest part of extremity, the ankle tattoos tend to bleed more. So, one need to be extra cautious while getting your ankle tattooed. You must recline properly in chair to give a better view of your ankle to the artist. Also, after getting tattooed, it is better to avoid walking long distances immediately as this may increase bleeding.

Aftercare- it is absolutely necessary to protect your ankle tattoos unless they heal completely. Besides pain, there is chance to lose the ink to some extent if some hard clothing frictions with the tattooed surface. Wearing boots is a strict “No” for a few days. Also, even after healing, it is better to avoid direct sunlight on the ankle tattoo as this may minimize the brightness of the tattoo. You may use sunscreen with SPF 15.

Butterflies, flowers, celestial bodies etc are the favorite among girl tattoo lovers. Being sleeker designs, they suit on the ankles well. Obviously they need to be cautious, as the tattoo designs will carry with them a kind of symbolism for the entire life. The ankle tattoos no doubt add to the sparkle to the well-shaped leg. But it is better to avoid the mistakes that can lead to bad ankle tattoos that you have to carry for life!

Hope you will find your award winning ankle tattoo designs soon.

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