Ankle Tattoos

When women are looking to get a new tattoo, they tend to look towards the most “feminine,” or flattering, place on their body they can find. There are a number of areas that are always flattering on a woman, but one of the most popular places for a woman to get a tattoo is around the ankle.

Ankle tattoos are very popular, because not only do they look flattering on a woman, they can be covered up easily with socks or pants. There are a few things you should know about ankle tattoos before you get one.

To begin with, ankle tattoos may hurt a bit more than a tattoo that is placed on a different part of your body, especially if you get the tattoo directly on the ankle or right around it. This is because there is not as much fat tissue under this area, which means that the pain tends to be a bit stronger than it would be if you tattooed your arm, for instance.

If you find that the pain for your ankle tattoos is getting to be more than you can bear, tell your tattoo artist and ask to stop for a few minutes. Take some deep breaths and get a drink of water. Remember that the pain will go away as soon as the artist is done tattooing in that area. Generally, tattooing up the side of the leg is not as painful as the ankle area.

Another thing to think about is healing. You’ll have to wear a patch for a day or so, but after that the tattoo should be left to the air. Try to avoid wearing socks or pants that would irritate the fresh tattoo for a few days to make it less painful for you and to facilitate in the healing process.

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