Aquarius Symbolism and Mythology Explained

Aquarius is considered the ninth sign in the Zodiac. It is named after the constellation of Aquarius. The stars form the image of a man pouring water from a bucket.

In Greek mythology Aquarius is sometimes associated with a youth called Ganymede. Apparently Zeus fell in love and took on the disguise of an eagle and swooped in and carried Ganymede off to become a cup-bearer to the gods.

Of course Ganymede wasn’t just any youth. He was a Trojan prince and was considered to be the handsomest of all mortals. So of course Zeus fell in love with him and swept him away to Olympus, where he blessed him with immortality and eventually placed his image in the heavens. As a cup-bearer to the gods he is shown eternally pouring out drinks for those he served.

It is also possible that Aquarius represents the god Ea, also known as «Lord of the Earth» and «Enki». He is god over creation and over water. He was a known ladies man and seemed to sleep with every woman he met. One time, he slept with a woman and she got mad.

Her name was Uttu and after the fact she went to speak with his former consort Ninhursag. Uttu told her all about Enki’s philandering ways. To get even with him, Ninhursag removes the semen from the Uttu’s body and plants it in the earth. From this semen seven plants grow. (Talk about fertile). Enki then comes along and finds the plants and decides to eat them. Once he does, the semen begins to grow in his body. Because he doesn’t have a womb to carry them in they grow in different places in his body, such as in his teeth, mouth, limbs, etc.

He suffers for a time until Ninhursag comes along and see’s how miserable (not too mention how swollen) Enki is. So she decides to take pity on him. She takes the semen into her own body and later gives birth to seven gods that have the power to heal.

Another theory of Aquarius, since it’s so closely associated with water, is that it also a constellation that is symbolic of the Great Flood. When viewing it in this manner you need to include the nearby constellation, called Eridanus. It takes the form of a great river being poured out by Aquarius that floods the earth.

Aquarius is a «water» element and is considered to have «fixed» qualities. This sign is associated with great powers of focus and determination as well as having a great ability to love.

When it comes to tattoos there are many variations you could make use of. You could always have a picture drawn of water buckets, or of a man pouring out water from a container. If these seem more involved than what you’d like, you could always consider having an eagle drawn in flight, carrying a water bucket in its claws. Or to make it even simpler, just a couple of eagle feathers in a bucket. Or you could always use the old Babylonian star catalogue name for Aquarius, which is GU.LA.

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