Aquarius Tattoo Symbols — The Tropical Zodiac Form

Aquarius tattoo symbols are very popular recently. Furthermore, creating Aquarius tattoo symbols is a humanitarian sign because most of the people born under this symbol generally depict different affairs of humanity. Being the eleventh sign of the zodiac cycle home, Aquarians represent the perfect Age of Aquarius. People dominating this symbol are philanthropic and have a strong urge to make this world a better place to live in. Aquarians rule between January 20 and February 18 and are symbolized by the water bearer.

The source of myth says that the Greek God Zeus sent Aquila, his eagle to bring Ganymede, the young and beautiful prince, who eventually turned out to be the cupbearer and Zeus set his image under Aquarius, the water carrier and most popular constellation amongst all stars. Therefore, Aquarius tattoo symbols represent combination of planetary forces that are strong and vibrant. They are friendly, thus have many acquaintances because of their dynamic nature.

Furthermore, Aquarius tattoo symbols look extremely attractive and innovative as they are designed in a way that represents ideas that revolutionized the world. The form of flowing water symbolizes their unpredictable nature at times. Mostly, Aquarius tattoo symbols indicate water that represents Aquarians showering the world with their thoughts and creative sense. As their though process is extremely inventive, they are quick to engage other people in different things.

There are a number of popular Aquarius tattoo symbols available in the market. They include both Celtic as well as tribal Aquarius tattoos. As far as Celtic tattoo symbols are concerned, they are created in a form that they can represent as two horizontal lines with numerous curves and patterns. They are representative of rhythm and natural flow of water. On the other hand, tribal tattoo symbols are carefully crafted in a horizontal zigzag way to indicate unique and elegant form of water surrounded by stars.

Moreover, Aquarius tattoo symbols also come with designs that contain heart having two zigzag lines that are indicative of natural flowing water which represents the constellation, Aquarius. Another, very popular design of Aquarius tattoo symbols is a nicely crafted pot from which flows the water amidst stars and clouds.

Adding more, an interesting range of introspective and imaginative Aquarius tattoo symbols are available in the form of attractive patterns that include different symbols as in water bearer, beautifully crafted pot, water flowing from an earthen pot, a maiden carrying a pot pouring and lots more. For these, ankle area is the most suitable placement part.

While Aquarians tattoo symbols are always associated with happiness and friendly nature, and many Aquarius tattoo symbols articles stated that its have made their presence in the form of amazing zodiac tattoo signs that not only depict the innovative side of the people who are born under this sign, but also of many great artists that have made these symbols, the individualistic need of such people. Holding a visionary spirit, these zodiac Aquarian tattoo symbols are considered as the trailblazers of the zodiac with the effort of the expert artists.

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