Are Feminine Foot Tattoos Always Looked Sexier?

Feminine Foot tattoos look very beautiful. Foot tattoos have become popular in the recent times especially with people especially women. Foot is a place where a tattoo can lie easily. A foot tattoo sliding out of shoe, look very sexy. Professional women prefer it because it can easily be hidden and can be exhibited to someone close and intimate.

Men like big tattoo pictures whereas women prefer small tattoos with beautiful designs. Foot is a judicious place to be tattooed on women. Foot tattoos are the symbols of simplicity and purity. Foot and ankle tattoos are usually small and a wide variety of foot tattoo designs are there, like a flowered heart, a humming bird, aqua sea horse, a seraph or an angel, a fairy, Celtic, neck, butterfly design, a lily or a rose or a small tribal flower can also make good designs. Sometimes a small signature or name also can be a great tattoo.

With the increasing popularity of feminine foot tattoos, many designs and varieties of foot tattoos have come up. Many online tattoo galleries claim to give the best designs possible. The interesting factor in a foot tattoo is that it is always small and yet, can look beautiful and enhance the beauty of a woman.

Inking a foot tattoo is difficult because it becomes difficult for a tattoo artist to pierce small miniature curves and strokes on a small area of a foot. So it is advisable to get a professional and a good tattoo artist.

The pain factor is another obstacle in embedding the tattoo on feet. Since feet are less fleshy, a lot of care has to be taken after inking the art, as it hurts the bones most. Healing takes a lot of time. More medical complicances can crop up. Even the tattoo cannot be as clear as, on other parts of the body because foot tends to bleed and blur the ink.

Tips for foot care after wearing the tattoo:

Take care that the shoes don’t rub the tattoo. Summer is the best time to wear a tattoo as you can remain without shoes for longer time compared to winters.
Keep the feet clean and take regular feet bath with warm water. Don’t rub with a towel while drying your feet. Gently soak the water.
Apply an ointment on the tattoo and keep it moist.
Till the tattoo is healed, don’t swim.
Walking would be difficult after tattooing due to pain. Take, off from your work for a few days.
Take advice from an experienced foot tattoo artist.

Feminine foot tattoos are specifically designed for women as they signify tenderness and femininity. The small, attractive designs make women look sexier. Tattooing is an art in itself and feminine tattoo design adds glory to this art and women simultaneously.

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