Are You Thinking Of Getting A Neck Tattoo?

The “always visible” body part’s tattoo is increasing popularity recently. The most popular one would be the neck tattoo which difficult to be covered by clothes. Particularly, neck tattoos are inked on the area of the neck or the back of the neck. In my experience, nearly 20 – 30 percent of the tattoos I did for my customers are on the hand, face, or neck. Graphic, photos, Gargoyle designs are the most popular choices for the neck tattoo.

There are many questions regarding the neck tattoo asked by the customers to the tattoo artists. Since it’s the area that visible, they might be curious and uncertain about all the detail of getting it and the after-care practices for their neck tattoo.

Actually, getting a neck tattoo will be more painful than getting a tattoo on other parts of the body. Needle naturally comes closer to the bone especially in the neck area which does make getting a neck tattoo a little more painful than you can image. It may hurt sometimes.

For a normal tattoo, the healing period may take around 2-3 weeks. The bad news is thatfront-neck-tattoos the neck tattoo might take a bit longer time to completely heal. It is because of the movement of your head that could make the neck tattoo scabs quickly. Sometimes, you will need to go for the re-ink session to fix some of the patchiness. And the good new is that the re-ink sessions are not as painful as the initial neck tattoo session.

The merits of getting a neck tattoo are that they are less prone to infections. The only thing you should be careful is that the direct exposure of your neck tattoo to the sun, which can cause your tattoo fade. You must take extra care to your lovely neck tattoo since it’s the tattoo area that very difficult to cover by clothes in order to reduce the exposure to the direct sun.

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