Armband Tattoo Design: Criminal Symbols of Ancient World?

If you’re wearing an armband tattoo, do you actually know the hidden meanings and ideas of it?

I noticed that armband tattoo designs are starts increasing in popularity recently. Actually, they have been a tribal, Celtic, or some significant design. Like have always said, the significance of a tattoo lies specifically with the carrier of the artwork. However, there is a bit more history that many armband presenters do not determine. Sure, it is very cool and unique looking when you have some absolutely, sexy biceps, but you will surprisingly shocked once you get to know the actual meaning of it..

In the ancient world, the armband tattoo have been used to mark someone criminal records. In some countries like the Middle East and Africa, such practices are yet utilized. Two large rocks are used like doorbell to smash around his genital if a man is caught and convicted of rape in the Middle East.

In the early 1700′s, the Japanese renowned to rid themselves of such practices as abstraction of ears, nose, and fingers, and instead elected the thought to “mark” convicted criminals. For each offense, a ring tattoo of certain significance was etched around the offender’s arm. It was not until about 1870 that the tattooing of criminals was abolished in Japan.

Although it seems tribal designs have overtaken the armband tattoo genre, there hasceltic-armband-tattoos been nearly any character or creature imaginable that has been stretched out to entwine the perching bicep. Mystical creatures like dragons, fairies, and yes, I have seen a unicorn, make up just a few I have come across in recent years. In junction, the combinations of exclusive subjects seem to make an even more interesting and designing armband. Additionally, Armband tattoo is very famous with the Maori, henna, tribal, Celtic, dragon, Harley Davison, small rose flowers, butterfly, sun, Hawaiian designs and etc.

And finally, thanks to the creativity uses of armband tattoo used in the ancient world. Now the armband tattoo designs seem to be stepped into the mainstream of tattoo trend.

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