Art Tattoo Design In History

Many people decide on a art tattoo design based on a special occurrence in their lives. It might be a deceased loved one’s name or even a current husband or wife. People want to let others know that their tattoo has meaning and is not just a passing fancy. Regardless of modern reasons, the tattoo once held deeper meaning. It could mean the difference between life and death for the wearer.

Most associations with Henna tattoo’s are from those found on Indian brides. The soon to be married girl would be brought into a room where her family and friends would begin designing her temporary tattoo. The body would be decorated with a series of lines and symbols telling a story. Anyone not aware of the subtle meaning would simply find the designs beautiful. The significance of tattooing the bride is such that as long as she is still wearing the dye, she is still honeymooning and is not expected to perform chores.

Surprisingly though, the tattoo design found most often on Yakuza members is that of beautiful scenes and elaborate details. The method used though is less than beautiful. Yakuza members, as a way to test their resolve and strength, do not get tattooed with a tattoo machine. It is a hand held instrument that is not without pain. The images are not just a back tattoo either. They span the entire body from collar to ankle.

In Russia the tattoo design found on many of the country’s prison inmates is a message to other people of their deeds and sins. It is a way to identify how dangerous a person is. One man might be wearing a tattoo design signifying that he is a head figure while another might be forcefully tattooed as an informant.

This is defiantly one decision that you do not want to go with the lowest price available. It more than pays to be well informed and know the difference between the many types of shops. The shop should be professional and still make you feel comfortable to hang around and chat. The better tattoo shops will have their own custom designs, and you will need to make an appointment ahead of time.

For many the art tattoo represents a wilder side to their personality. Perhaps a bit of rebellion against the expected norms of a more staid and traditional society that looks upon a tattoo with wariness as the stigma associated with the art tattoo is not as widely spread to the more conservative. There are other individuals who use the tattoo as a means of remembrance for fallen family and friends or as a spiritual guide for their lives.

An art tattoo may still be considered a mark of stigma for older generations. This is especially true of more conservative individuals in their latter years of life. Even middle aged individuals find themselves regretting the tokens of their past and are turning to laser tattoo removal as a way to erase those memories. Younger generations are enthralled with the idea of ink marking their rites of passage from childhood to adulthood.

A properly applied henna tattoo design is a thing of great beauty and intricacy. The delicate lines and swirls have long been a fascination upon the female’s skin. Thanks to more and more celebrities embracing Eastern culture, the influence has reached far into Western ideas and images of exotic beauty and continues to enjoy a rise in popularity.

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