Aztec Tattoo Design

Aztec Tattoo Designs

People are always looking for unique ideas for tattoo designs and, in many cases, they like to choose an image that represents a piece of their lives – whether in the present or in the past. Some people are intrigued by their roots and with the help of the Internet are able to dig into their family’s history. Images and symbols of our ancestry are a very good source for tattoo ideas.

The Aztec style of tattooing represents the tribes of central Mexico, the Aztecs. They existed in the 12th century but were wiped out by the Spanish. Even if your own background has nothing to do with the Aztec culture you may choose an Aztec tattoo because you admire the artistry and creativity of the people. The Aztec designs are easy to identify and are a beautiful way to pay respect to their culture.

Aztec designs are increasingly in popularity amongst Mexicans as well as non-Mexicans. People are drawn to the intricate designs. Generally the Aztec style consists of colorful and bold geometric shapes. The sun is one of the most popular symbols in Aztec artistry and it symbolizes rebirth. This is a popular design for people who believe in an afterlife. The Aztecs believed that the sun guarded the heavens and therefore represents renewal. Other popular images representing Aztec culture include the eagle, the warrior, and the calendar. The warrior is a symbol for determination and strength.

Aztec tattoos can also be referred to or lumped in with tribal tattoos. If you decide that an Aztec tattoo was for you, then I highly recommend that you research the meaning of the design before getting the tattoo. One popular tattoo design that you may be familiar with is the Aztec Thunderbird. All of the Aztec symbols mean something in their culture. Do your research and know the meaning of the symbol you plan on getting beforehand. This is showing respect to the Aztec culture.


The Aztec people lived in Mexico and adorned their bodies with many tattoos. In the Aztec culture tattoo designs were primarily designed to honor the gods of their culture. They also helped to define a person and served a function. Aztec designs could tell you about the person without them speaking a word.

The Culture

The most popular of Aztec symbols is the sun and the eagle. Many of the Aztec people had tattoos representing the gods in the heavens and also their natural surroundings.

Even though the people of this culture survived only a short time, it is impressive to know that the culture lives on even now through artwork and tattoos.

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