Aztec Warrior Tattoos – An Ancient Design of Tribal Deities!

Aztec Warrior Tattoos – The Fusion of Ancient Culture in the Modern World. Tattoos represent some of the most intriguing and significant form of body art. You can sport yourself with one which looks unique and symbolic. One such exclusive tattoo picture is the Aztec tattoo. The Aztec warrior tattoos are ornamental as well as culturally symbolic. Lets us see where Aztec tattoos emerged from.

Aztec warrior designs are descendents of the ancient cultural background of Central America and you can still find its roots in the present Latin American society. Native tribes of Central America were a devotional lot. They worshipped deities, gods and goddesses. Aztec warrior tattoos have revived this culture in a modern way. Tattooing was also very popular even in the ancient circle of tribes of Central America world. Most modern designs are historical symbols used for worshipping and respecting these very temperamental deities and nature gods. Earlier tattoos were inked according to the status of the warriors, their bravery actions and skills. An Aztec warrior picture was also believed to be of high importance, it was said to help the transition of the soul in its afterlife journey.

You may feel the designs are too ancient and may in no way try this wonderful art, but here is an excellent report. Today’s world famous celebrity icons are seriously into tattooing. You and I get inspired and are curious about the tattoos they sport. Many of them have Aztec Warrior tattoos designed on their bodies, especially sporting legends and pop bands. Some of the most popular tattoos in the world also figure Aztec warrior tattoos in the list.

Just try them on yourself and feel the presence of a superior power guarding over you. Even writing about them makes me want to try them and I am definitely going to do just that! There is the ‘Quetzalcoatl’ tattoo which depicts the picture of the winged serpent that is known for its great wisdom and intelligence. It is said to be a powerful serpent god.

‘Tezcatlipoca’, is another Aztec warrior tattoo, who is also believed to be the lord of warriors. The sun was a very revered and powerful deity for the Aztec people; therefore the Aztec warrior pictures illustrate the different designs of the Sun god in a very strong manner. This sun Aztec tattoo is very popular choice among many people. The Aztec warrior dinkie tattoo is usually inked along the right shoulder and is an illustration of the ancient temple of ‘kukulkan’ or better known as the feathered serpent god.

Many Mexicans sport an Aztec warrior tattoo as a reverence to their powerful and hard-working ancestors. Even people from other countries will find them a nice form of body art to show admiration for the primeval civilization, which without spoken words shall transmit their aura through designs.

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