Big Tattoo or Small Tattoo?

Sometimes, it’s very difficult to decision on how big your tattoo design going to be inked. In fact, There are several factors you need to evaluate on before finalize the size of your dream tattoo you going to be inked.

1) The Complexity of the design
2) How many colors involved in that tattoo?
3) The artline.
4) What type of design?

Please think of these tattoo questions precisely then you should find the guide to solve this head spinning decision.

Extenuated towards larger

Normally, there are a lot of people would initially play the tattoo game safely by inked with the smaller tattoo first, but often they will regret very soon why they haven’t inked with the bigger one. That’s a normal reaction as a human being since we are constantly ask something for more if we satisfied with it well.

Here the solution, You can ask for the tattoo artist to do thing to increase the size of your lovely tattoo if you feel it is too small. Furthermore, it’s more easy to enlarge the size of that tattoo if it’s the back art line tattoo and you can also add some color to it too.

Small is solid as steel too

Most tattoo artists treat and respect small, simple tattoo’s, just as much as larger, more improve upon tattoo’s. A tattoo is a tattoo, it’s on their for life no matter the size. Some tattoos are made for the smaller size, and may probably looked horrible if tattoo it big. There still some creative ways to make your small tattoo looked cool too.

Base on the size of body part

The size of the tattoo sometimes is based on the place you going to tattoo it. A small tattoo on a big arm usually doesn’t look that great as it would if it were larger part to the size of the arm. Smaller tattoos are best for wrists, ankles, and thinner arms, while being more size lenient on back, big arms, shoulders, and thigh. A small tattoo can get “lost” within a large body part area, sometimes to the point of not sure whether or not its a tattoo or some sort of skin disfigure!

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