Black and White Fairy Tattoos

With their psychic abilities, supernatural powers and cutest appearance, fairies have over the years dominated the world of fantasy and now tattoo lovers can have black and white fairy tattoos. This has been made possible because they have widened their popularity from just being on fantasy movies and books to being displayed in tattoo art parlors. Fairies have surfaced to be among the elements most sought after in tattoo designs. Those who are fashion lovers, particularly women, marvel at the sight of these black and white fairy tattoos. The tattoos normally use the naughty, tribal and adorable fairy’s design.

Black and white fairy tattoos are a favorite to women since they can be designed to take any personality or mood one selects. There are various motifs and designs of fairy tattoos. For instance, the Gothic fairies have a deep longing for solace where as the colorful and magical fairies provide a sense of enchantment and cheer. On the other hand, tribal fairy tattoos gives a simple but mystic persona. Therefore, take time to choose a fairy tattoo because it shows your taste, style and personality.

Several poses of the fairies both seductive and cute, are mixed with hearts, flowers, glitter, crosses, sun, stars among other fantasy themes to form magical body art pieces. The fairy tattoos come in various colors that range from yellow, red, white, black, purple, blue, green and orange. These tattoos are placed on the ankles, lower back, shoulders, upper back, chest area and arms. Get more information about black and white fairy tattoos below.

Various Designs of Fairy Tattoos

Tinkerbell Fairy Tattoos

Tinkerbell, which is among adorable fairies, is now being featured in fairy art tattoos. You can be able to select as your tattoo design, small size Tinkerbells that are joined to one another in flight. You need to consult an experienced tattooist to create these attractive tattoos on your ankle and arms.

Heavenly Fairy Tattoos

Heavenly fairies are cute fairies that rest on top of a crescent moon and attract all passing glances. Think about adding substances such as twinkling stars and nighttime sky background to the tattoo. The chest area or lower back are ideal places for these heavenly fairies.

Tribal Fairies Tattoos

Flying tribal fairy tattooTraditional fairies art tattoos are not going anywhere. They have attractive designs, inclusive of a not too cute fairy figure compared to other adorable fairies. You can add the tribe’s typical wilderness to the style by creating the fairy look sharp. You have a choice of using white, shades of gray and black for your tribal fairy tattoo. This style of the tattoo looks admirable on the shoulder and lower back.

Naughty Fairy Tattoos

Besides having a light heart, magical sense and being very kind, the fairies can be at times naughty. Think of having black and white fairy tattoos that are naughty, seductive and shadowy figures tattooed on the arm, and show it off at the night party!

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