Capricorn Tattoos

There are some zodiac symbols that are easy to tell what they are. Take the crab, for instance, or the goat or the lion. But then there are those that are a bit more interesting and uneasy to figure out. One such zodiac sign is the sign for Capricorn. There is a story behind Capricorn, as there are with all zodiac symbols.

The story behind Capricorn is all about Zeus. When Zeus was young his father, Cronos, wanted to eat him. His mother, however, had a serious problem with that, which is why Rhea, his mother, saved him from being eaten.

Someone, though, had to take care of the infant and to provide nutrients. That is when Rhea brought him to Amalthea, a goat. Amalthea suckled the infant until he was old enough to eat real food. There are also stories that the goat’s horn was then turned into a cornucopia. But that doesn’t explain why the goat happens to have a tail! Yes, if you look at Capricorn tattoos you’ll find that many of them show the goat with a fish tail. Another story says that the goat-god Pan was actually attacked by a monster known as Typhon, and that in order to escape him he dove into the water where half of him transformed into a fish.

If you’re looking to get Capricorn tattoos there are a number of options that you can select from. If you want to have a half-goat, half-fish tattooed onto your body you most certainly can, but most people opt, instead, to use the Capricorn sign, which is basically a seven with a curly bottom. You can either just have the symbol or you can add the Capricorn word to it as well, giving you a fully flushed out tattoo.

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