Celtic Cross Tattoo: The Symbol of Strength and Faith

The Celtic cross tattoos, also called “Irish cross tattoos“, is actually a standard cross with a circle around the intersection of the four arms. Many theories mark to the crosses as predating the landing of Christians to the area.

Therefore, It is high possibility that the cross design have been evolved with two different cultures and peoples.

The Celtic cross is a piece of design art even in existence in thousands years ago.

If you are love the Celtic cross tattoo, sure you will interested to the ancient art as well.

Celtic knot work, with its complicated loops and intertwining, has a great deal of art for you to review. When you are choosing a Celtic cross tattoo, just search around. You’ll find lots of various unique Celtic tattoo designs available.

Remember, actually there are 2 major style of design, which are back-piece and a chest-piece.

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