Cherry Blossom Tattoos — The Meaning Behind Them

The curve of the lower back is one of the most feminine parts of the woman body. That curve is naturally erotic and very symbolic.

Cherry blossom tattoos look very feminine and women want these designs for aesthetic reasons. However, now is the time to find out the symbolizm behind it, before you get a permanent tattoo, and not after you get it.

Cherry blossom is not only beautiful but also delicate, just like girl are. Most of those tattoo designs have root in Asian cultures. In Japanese and Chinese cultures the cherry blossom has strong symbolizm behind it.

In China the cherry blossom is a symbol of power. Just like most flowers it is a symbol of (women) beauty and sexuality. In China it is very often a symbol of love between a man and women. However, it can also mean female dominance.

Japanese cherry blossom is something different. It menas: the transience of life. It is because this delicate flower blooms for a short time. Buddhism uses this flower as a metaphore. It fits well with Buddist belief that state all life is transitory. This is the same belief that many Japanese share. As they believe the nature of life is transitory, they believe the right thing to do is not to get emotional about a particular outcome or sitation. «All Things Must Pass» as the Harrison’s song says.

Another interesting meaning there is that it represents snow. In Japanese poetry you can often find alusions on snow and cherry blossom. Or, as you would expect, the poetry can use it as a metaphore for a human life coming to an end too early.

Do you find yourself in some of these ancient meanings of far east? Well, you don’t really have to in order to get yourself a tattoo. It’s most important to have your own meanings. However, keep in mind that some people will think about your tattoo like this. Especially if they are with an Asian cultural background.

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