Cherry Blossom Tattoos- What They Mean?

These days, cherry blossom tattoo with both the Chinese, the photos and pictures are new and trendy in the market especially for women. The cherry blossoms are very common Japanese are they symbolize delicacy and freshness if reviewed carefully.

These tattoos have deep cultural and ethnic connotations, which should definitely be known before you get them. You should not just get them because of the ideas that they look cool and all your friends have one such popular tattoo. In fact, the Chinese and Japanese cherry blossoms have quite different implications when considered individually.

According to the Chinese traditions, the cherry blossom is a symbol of power along with the feminine etiquette and delicacy. They symbolize the petite beauty and sexuality of women along with their dominance natures. The cherry blossoms symbolize freshness and hence are a language of love said by the herbs and flowers.

The Japanese, however, say that since the cherry blossom lasts only for a short time, it represents the transitory phase of life. This concept is related to the roots of Buddhism and means that nothing in life is permanent. Change is the only constant and so, we should not be too depressed with anything in life. The fallen cherry blossom is considered as the life of a warrior who passed away before his time in a war.

It always is wise to have a decent knowledge of the general symbolization of any tattoo before getting it on permanently.

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