Cherry Blossom Tattoos

If you have any friends lately who have been getting tattoos, you may have a friend or two who has gotten a cherry blossom tattoo.

The cherry blossom tattoo has become one of the most popular tattos for girls in the last five years, with more and more women getting them tattooed somewhere on their body.

It’s actually very common now to see women have an entire branch of cherry blossoms running up the side of their abdomen. But what’s with these cherry blossom tattoos anyway?

Things in nature, like cherry blossoms, are some of the most common tattoos you can find.

But did you realize that these tattoos are actually of a special significance to the Japanese and Chinese cultures?

In China, a cherry blossom is actually seen a display of power. The culture believes that cherry blossoms display a dominant woman, which may be why it’s so appealing to women who are tough and strong but who also like feminine looks.

In Japan, the cherry blossom means something far different. Buddhists associate cherry blossoms with a reverence for life because you’ll find that cherry blossoms only appear for a very short time. Almost as quickly as they appear, they flutter down to the ground, dead. Their death, however, brings about the life of a cherry, so it is a symbol of both death and rebirth.

Surprisingly most women who get a cherry blossom tattoo don’t even realize what it symbolizes to either culture; they simply want to have it tattooed on their body because of how beautiful it is. And most cherry blossom tattoos are absolutely beautiful and colorful.

If you’re looking for a way to show that you’re a strong woman who also values life, you may definitely want to look into a cherry blossom tattoo.

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