Chinese Characters Name Tattoos: Express and Impress Yourself!

Choosing Chinese name tattoo design for your Chinese letters name? Very cool culture!


Chinese characters are over 80,000 in number although only a thousand of these characters maybe used to form your name and translate it into a Chinese name tattoo design.

Basically, there are two or more Chinese characters for an English word and it should be read beginning on the left side going to the right side. Chinese characters can also be arranged vertically. The leftmost character should be at the top. In some rare circumstances, there could be two Chinese words used to translate one English word.

In the case of Chinese name tattoos, some tattoo popular artists make fun out of it. Some of them are caught etching offensive, stupid or foolish Chinese words on their patrons who usually do not know the meaning of these Chinese characters. Before getting a Chinese name tattoo or a Chinese character tattoo, here are some pointers to avoid being ridiculed or laughed at after having tattooed.

  • Do not translate literally. There is no literal or verbatim translation of your name in Chinese in most cases. “BaBu SaMiTa” as Chinese translation for Bob Smith is not in good taste. It is best to search for and adopt a real Chinese equivalent to your name. This way, your Chinese name tattoo is a realistic one.
  • Consult a Chinese speaker. One way to obtain the Chinese equivalent of your name is to ask a native Chinese person. Seek the experts or friends from China to translate your name in the real Chinese sense. Most communities, schools or groups have Chinese speaking individuals so it is not very difficult to find one who can help you with it. This is another way that could guarantee a realistic Chinese character tattoo.
  • A Real Chinese Idiom for a tattoo. Getting a Chinese idiom tattoo is also very cool. It can impress your peers and even those native Chinese individuals who see it. Chinese idiom tattoos are usually composed of 4 characters. Some of these idiomatic expressions when translated into English are awkward to hear but sound pleasant in Chinese. What’s great about these sayings is that it conveys wit, beauty, humor, valor and the many good characteristics the Chinese are known for. For instance, the picture on the top is “dao yi you dao”, a Chinese idiom meaning “honor among thieves”.
  • Correct Chinese font to use. If you had chosen the Chinese character name tattoo to be etched, the next thing is to consult a native Chinese person of the correct font to use. The font of the character can add to the beauty and artistic value of your Chinese character tattoo.

Chinese name tattoos or Chinese characters tattoo are cool, trendy and calls for a great sense to wear it. Most tattoos are made for Western audience thus, the meaning sometimes doesn’t count. But you can go back and think why you desire to have a Chinese character tattoo? It could be that it is your way to express what you feel, to express your side on certain issues or it may be a reflection of what you are inside. Somehow, it’s probably looked even more creative and unique if mixed with the dragon, flower, kanji and tribal designs.

So, when you think of getting a Chinese character name tattoo either for self-expression or to impress people and elders, get that Chinese name tattoo.

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