Chinese VS Western Astrological Tattoos

Amongst the most common tattoos presently are the astrological tattoos which depict the sign of the year and month of birth of a person such as the Chinese astrological tattoos, western astrological tattoos. Every month in a year possesses its zodiac symbol and every symbol has its own attributes and meaning, but this depends on the sun position on the zodiac. The astrological tattoos inform other people about the month a person was born and anyone with some knowledge on astrology can be able to disclose the attributes of a specific month. Many people go for the love compatibility zodiac signs of astrology when they are seeking their future partners.

The astrology of the Chinese follows a different pattern; taking qualities and form of different animals. Despite the way we decide to follow, those who are devoted to the astrological signs and have a passion for the tattoo art are totally utilizing their unique forms to be able to make a clear statement. The history of western symbol is traced back to the second millennium BCE, to Assyrians and Babylonians before it spread to the whole of Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The Western symbols must not be mistaken for the Chinese astrological signs because they are very different from each other.

Body tattooing, especially the Astrological tattoos has been in practice throughout the world, from the time man came into existence. At the time, the tattoos acted as a symbol to show the accomplishments a person had and also their bravery. At the start, the tattoos made on the women identified the symbol of their tribe; together with several other things which the tribe had some belief in like their fertility rites and their favorite god. To date, the astrological signs of the Chinese remain popular astrological tattoos for several cultures, not exclusively the Chinese culture. The initial tattooing practice is dated back to the Ice man known as Otzi whose body was frozen during a storm of ice in the forth millennium Before Christ. In his body were fifty seven tattoos.

There is a split between the Westerners over the forms of Chinese astrological tattoos, western astrological tattoos. There is a group of westerners who are in agreement that the form of the astrological signs from the Chinese suit their personal lives in a more accurate way. While on the other hand there are other westerners who have belief in Zodiac signs. Tattoos which are astrological in nature have a marking that is permanent in human beings and have a major significance for each person. Not only are they decorative but they portray the admiration a person has.

Whichever type of the astrological tattoos you decide to go for either Chinese astrological tattoos, western astrological tattoos, what is important is for you to ensure that a high level of hygiene is practiced and that the tattoo is kept clean all the time. This makes sure that there is no soreness or infection that comes about in many new tattoos. If you have an interest in getting a tattoo and cant seem to make up your mind on what type of tattoo; Chinese astrological tattoos, western astrological tattoos, the fact is that you cannot go wrong with the Astrological Tattoos.

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