Choosing Your Tattoo Design

  1. Where
  2. Size
  3. Meaning
  4. Creativity

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It is entirely understandable that you could feel anxious about getting a tattoo. Not necessarily because you are scared of needles or are unsure you want one, but because it is so permanent. You don’t want to botch up your choice.

Don’t panic. Just choose wisely. A tattoo is amazing when you pick the right one. They look great, you feel great having one and it makes you unique. Don’t neglect your choice process by playing on or watching videos on YouTube. You can do that later. That way you won’t have a costly and inconvenient mistake permanently etched on your arm.


The design of your tattoo depends on where you want it. For example a tattoo stencil that is customized to wrap around the entire arm, will not look good across your back. You also don’t want anything too offensive on display (unless that is your intention). Choose the spot carefully.


How big do you want your design to be? Do you want it to be small and easily hidden, or do you want it to be a definitive feature on your body? The great thing about printing a stencil is, you can see how the size of the stencil will compliment your skin first. Remember the larger it is, the more expensive it will be.


You should make sure the design has a meaning to you. It will be permanently inked. You don’t want to regret it years down the line because it isn’t a reflection of who you are. Perhaps you want to honour something or someone special in your life. If you choose writing, make sure you understand the full meaning before you proceed.


Be creative. The more creative the design, the less likely it is that someone else in the world has the exact same tattoo. You want to define your individuality.

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