Christian Tattoos and Prevailing Concerns

Christian Tattoos – Common Tattoo Designs

Christian tattoo designs are religious and many of the ordinary designs that we may be accustomed to may not be grouped under the Christian tattoo category. Therefore, when searching for a great Christian tattoo to be tattooed with, you must ensure you conduct your search among Christian tattoos. For instance, common tattoo designs for Christians include the designs of the cross, Jesus, Mary and carefully chosen scriptures. When it comes to selecting the kind of verse or scripture one would love for a tattoo, one ought to go for a verse that they are fond with and love reading for inspiration and faith growth.

Christian Tattoos – Is Tattooing Right for Christians

The question of whether Christian tattoos are acceptable for Christians or not has been a borne of contention among the Christian fraternity for quite a long time. While some Christians have been against tattooing ones body, others have made it clear that they see nothing wrong with it. Critics of Christian tattoos use a verse found in Leviticus condemning pagan tattooing as their source of evidence in disapproving the act. However, the ones for tattoos have reiterated that the verse was specifically taking about the pagans of those times and cannot be applicable to the contemporary Christian society. Well, it seems there will never be an agreement on this issue and therefore it all depends on how one interprets the bible.

Christian Tattoos – Importance of Christian Tattoos

According to the group of Christians who believe that there is nothing ungodly about getting a tattoo, Christians tattoo their bodies due to a number of religious reasons. First and foremost, it’s believed that Christian tattoos are meant to express ones religion without hiding. Being tattooing their bodies, these Christians believe that they are clearly showing their stand as Christians and expressing that they are for Christ and His commandments. Moreover, others believe Christian tattoo designs increase ones faith in the religion. The best example here is for those who tattoo their bodies using bible verses.

Christian Tattoos – Tattooing Prices

Many Christians who want to get a tattoo often ask about tattooing prices. Well, Christian tattooing is not much different with other tattooing processes in terms of pricing because the usual factors are used to determine how much one has to pay for the process. First, size will definitely be given consideration with larger sizes demanding more cash and vice versa. If more ink will need to be used, one may also have to pay slightly more and last but not least, the complexity and color choices also matter when it comes to pricing.

As tattoos are increasing in popularity so are Christian tattoos becoming more popular among many Christians. Christian tattoos are becoming even more common especially with the youth. The older Christians are the ones who are more conservative about body tattoo and what he bible deems right. However, with it being clearly condemned in Leviticus, all Christians may never be fully convinced that tattooing is right and biblically acceptable. This is why it all boils down to what an individual really believes and what their intentions of getting a tattoo really are.

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