Comet Tattoos: Creative Shooting Star Designs

Comet tattoos also known as shooting star tattoos is a popular choice amongst young and old people of both genders. This is so due to its rich symbolism, meaning and the endless colors, styles and themes in which this design can be permanently inked onto your body. Your comet tattoo can be made as unique as you are, and this can be determined by the extent of your ability for creative thinking and power of imagination.

A shooting star or a comet is generally a meteor or remnants of asteroids that are passing through the Earth’s gravitational belt. Due to the effects of the Earth’s atmosphere, the shooting planetary or starry debris heat up and emits light, leaving a blaze of light its trail. This makes witnessing a shooting star both a magical and rare event for residents of planet earth. There are many reasons why people tend to be fascinated by comet tattoos and why they get permanent inking done of this design. Viewing a comet or shooting star is associated with luck and wishes being fulfilled. Also the phrase “like a shooting star” is associated with spectacular talent and ensuing success.

Hence, a number of people opt for comet tattoos to be permanently inked on their bodies as a means to invite spectacular luck and stupendous success into their lives. Or they could view their individual talent and skills as highly unique and exalted as that of a shooting star, and wish to bring this thought into the idea of a permanent comet tattoo inked permanently on to their body.

There are many ways in which the idea of a comet tattoo can be visualized and captured as an actual form of body art. It can be drawn in the shape of a shooting star with a tail of fire in its wake. It is made to resemble as much as possible the trail of a real comet streaking across the night sky. The colors used for this purpose could be shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, etc.

Comet tattoos can be depicted as a single star or one of several. The star can be a traditional one with five points or any other rendering that you identify with. The tail can be represented as a fully detailed flame burning, or can be depicted with lines to indicate the motion of the moving comet streaking across the sky, or the tail can be depicted by a series of linear markings of small stars.

Whichever manner you choose to display your comet tattoo, and the choices are many, make sure you test the design before getting it permanently inked on your body. The comet tattoo is attractive and popular and is sure to hold a lot of meaning and symbolism to the one who understands its significance, and chooses it for the same.

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