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Types of Angel Tattoo Designs

A colorful angel tattoo designs.Sizes of angel tattoo designs depend on the individual. He can have a large or a small angel tattoo. In some cases, the angel tattoo design can cover the whole back. Sometimes, wings are drawn on the tattoos that are usually derived from classic paintings or art. Quite a number of these tattoos originated from Renaissance art and during the middle ages. Some of the accompaniments of these angel tattoo designs include swords, trumpets, bows, banners, harps, clouds, a cross, fairies or sign of the devil. These tattoos can also be mixed with the tribal tattoos. Let us now see the different designs of angel tattoos.

Angel Wing Tattoo

This type of angel tattoo designs can be portrayed as being a whole angel that has a classic pose of either resting or flying. There are other tattoo lovers who desire to use only angel wings on the tattoo design. The usual place where the angel wing tattoo is inked is between the shoulders. This area is chosen since it is the ideal place for the wings to be placed if human beings indeed had wings.

Guardian Angel Tattoo

The guardian angel tattoo is available in various shapes and sizes. Irrespective of the shape and size chosen for the tattoo, they all have one purpose and this is to offer protection for the person wearing it. One of the best advantages of the guardian angel tattoos is the constant protection they provide to the wearer both in bad and good times.

Archangel Tattoos

The word for chief in Greek language is “arch”. The number of arch angels is seven and they occupy the highest position in these angel tattoo designs. The real angels are always closer to God, as seen in the book of Revelation. I have mentioned previously that the popular archangel tattoo is one that depicts St. Michael, who is a warrior angel. Another archangel was Lucifer, though he fell from heaven and became known as Satan.

Fallen Angel Tattoos

Angels just like humans have a free will and thus they are able to decide between good and evil. The angels that have fell are known as fallen angles since they fell for bad or wrong things. As a result of their disobedience towards God’s orders, they were expelled from heaven. These angels have threatening look and wings and horns that are torn. They usually have an appearance of thugs. Satan, who is also a fallen angel, was once considered an archangel. Beelzebub and Leviathan are the other well known fallen angels.

Angel of Death Tattoos

The death angel is included in the dark angel tattoo designs category and sometimes is referred as Grim Reaper. There is however a big difference in the depiction of both the angel of death and grim reaper tattoos. Whereas the grim reaper does not have wings, the angel of death is shown having wings. In some cases, Satan is referred to as the death angel and such angel tattoo designs are popular.

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