Cool Tattoos

Your friend comes to your house and shows you the cool tattoo that they just had done. They’re so proud of it and, you have to admit, it looks amazing.

Suddenly you realize that you’ve wanted a new tattoo for awhile, and that your friend’s design may be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s not always a good idea to get a cool tattoo, however, and there are a number of reasons why you may want to avoid getting one, no matter how neat the tattoo looks on your friend.

There are lots of cool tattoos that you can pick from, and it seems like every year there’s a new one that pops up and that everyone wants to get.

That is the first reason why you may want to avoid getting one of the popular cool tattoos that are going around, because of lack of originality.

A tattoo should be a way for you to express yourself, not just a way to look “cool”.

Get one of those cool tattoos today and in ten or fifteen years you may really regret the fact that you got it, as you really have no connection to it other than the fact that it looks really cool.

It’s also a good idea to avoid popular, cool tattoos because you don’t know if your tattoo artist is going to be able to do the tattoo design justice.

Most tattoo artists are good at doing any type of tattoo, but they’re excellent at doing a specific type of tattoo, like a tribal design or portraiture.

If the cool tattoos that are floating around aren’t in your tattoo artist’s style, the design may come out looking okay, but might not be as astounding as you want it to be.
Stick with original designs that you and your tattoo artist come up with instead of going for cool tattoos.

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