Cross Tattoo on Fingers

Cross tattoo on fingers look cool though tattoos are something that looks cool irrespective of the place where you decide to wear them. But there is something cross tattoo on fingers look cool though tattoos are something that looks special in the cross tattoo on finger that make us wonder about the person.

Getting a tattoo on the fingers can mean the extremes of either you care a lot or you do not care at all. However, nowadays most people go on to think it is just another place you can get a tattoo done to look and be unique.

The cross as we all know is specific to Christianity and traditional cross tattoos are said to speak of strong religious feelings. However, in the modern times, the cross sailors or seamen merchants have significantly used tattoo. The cross in itself denotes the father and the mother with the vertical and horizontal lines and thus implies the existence of the material and spiritual needs of humankind.

The Indian cross, Swastika, is said to represent the auspiciousness symbolizing the ever-changing world around us. The Egyptian hieroglyph ‘ankh’ represents eternal life and came to be used as the female sign for astrological purposes. Though the Roman cross on which Jesus was crucified is what comes to mind first, many people favor the anchor cross that helps Christians believe and hope during the hard times they face. The Greek cross is often identified with the symbol of the Red Cross.

Besides these are the Celtic Cross, Iron Cross, Maltese Cross and the Southern Cross that can also be sported. So, select your award winning cross tattoos for the finger and get yourself a tattoo!

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