Cross Tattoos

If you see a cross tattoo on someone’s arm, it’s not usually something that draws your attention it, unless it’s extremely ornate or very badly done.

But, unlike other choices like butterfly tattoos, there is actually a great deal of symbolism behind this type of tattoo, which is why you may want to think and look twice the next time you see someone who has a cross tattoo, as it is most certainly something that means a great deal to the person who got it.

Of course religion is one meaning behind a tattoo, but don’t make the mistake in thinking that all cross tattoos are based on some religious issue. While you can find a cross tattoo that is there to show someone’s love of their religion, it is not an expressly religious tattoo.

A traditional religious cross tattoo is one that will look like a lower case T. Then there is the Celtic cross. This cross is much different than other crosses because it has a large circle in the middle of the traditional Latin cross. The circle is usually centered over the spot in the cross where the lines intersect. A Celtic cross may even have Celtic knots throughout the design as well.

And then there is a St. Andrews cross. This type of cross is one that actually has an “x” on it. It’s considered to go with the Goth culture, even though it doesn’t necessarily have to.

You may find that a person who has a St. Andrews cross has a combination of both this and a Celtic cross, and this is often merely due to the styling of the tattoo artist. There are many different types of cross tattoos that you can get, so before you opt to get one to remember a loved one, make sure you know what each type of cross stands for.

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