Cute Girly Tattoos as Unique as You

Most popular today are the cute girl tattoo designs. The implication that tattoos are rebellious, shocking and negatively reflects a girl’s moral character is already a thing of the past. Tattoos have evolved and gained popularity and acceptance in the last 10 years. Thanks to the famous persons who sport these bold body markings like wrestlers, bikers and some famous celebrities. Today, over 6% of the young 18 to 25 years old wear these while 40% of ages 26 to 40 years old have tattoos.

The trend of more men wearing tattoos rather than women may be untrue in the coming generation. This is due to the reason that women have become more competitive. Today, many women can equal men in several aspects such as career, sports and intelligence. Women had successfully broken the gender barrier. In the present generation, the number of women interested to have a tattoo is increasing. With this, you can find various cute girly tattoo designs anywhere in the market.

Some of your relatives and friends may have one or two cute girly tattoos on them and you just don’t know it. You maybe surprised to find out the reasons why they decided to have these on. Curiosity as it is, their reasons in getting the tattoo may sway you to try and get one.

Cute girly tattoos, as the name suggests, are basically designated for the feminine gender. Generally, these are smaller, thinner and delicately made markings with fine lines and details. These are also strategically located and mostly look like an accessory or accent rather than a tattoo. The most common and favorite locations for these cute girly tattoos are the hip, foot and ankle area, the lower back, the left shoulder area, upper breast and the bikini area. Specifically, lower back area is favored because, the same as the upper breast and bikini areas, a tattoo in this area is not obviously shown but sometimes it maybe flashed as in wearing cut-off shirts and two-piece bikinis. Another favorite spot for a cute girlie tattoo is the left shoulder. Considered as a feminine part, the tattoo can be a lovely accent when a girl wears tank tops or halter tops. Ankle tattoos are cool accents for girls wearing flip-flops and best to sport in the beach or just walking in the mall.

Various cute girly tattoo designs include flower, sun, angels and angel wings, fairies, butterfly, Celtic designs, dolphins, roses and heart designs. Tattoos and tattoo designs for the feminine gender have a long history. These designs may look sporty, unique and cute but as a matter of fact, these designs really have something to tell about the person who has it.

So what are you waiting for? Tattoos need not be very massive as described above. Approach now a tattoo artist for that cute girly tattoo design of your choice. They are most happy to create that exceptional cute girly tattoo design to suit your personality or purpose.

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