Dagger Skull Tattoos: Taking Fashion World by Storm!

Dagger skull tattoos are taking the fashion world by storm. That may seem crazy but, surprisingly, tattoos rule the fashion world these days. Anyone who doesn’t have one is considered behind the times. They are the latest and greatest form of fashion statement.

The dagger theme has stood the test of time, when it comes to tattoos. Throughout the ages, they’ve been used. In fact, they even date back to the days of human sacrifices. Military tattoos often feature daggers or swords. A knife through a skull is considered to be symbolic of a soldier going off to defend his country. At Pearl Harbor, many of the soldiers sported similar tattoos.

Another of the dagger skull tattoos that is common is that of a skull with a dagger through the teeth. The teeth are often clenched in a sort of pose that reminds one of an angry animal. It’s basically a call to action. It also symbolizes things like terror and power and readiness for whatever happens to come along. Someone with this tattoo usually wants the world to think they can take on anything.

Skulls and daggers are considered symbols of manliness and bravery. Throughout history, many countries have used them to represent many things. Fighting, bravery, courage, honor, drive to get things done and more are conveyed through these tattoos. If you really want to attract the ladies with your manhood, it’s definitely the way to go. So, choose one of the dagger skull tattoos and show off your power and courage.

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