Diamonds Are Forever (this one really is)

Search anywhere on the internet for “Diamond Tattoo” and you’re sure to find an incredibly wide variety of flat, traditional style diamonds tattooed on various parts of the body.

You’ll also begin to notice that unless the diamond is very small in size, it’s not the focal point of the tattoo, and is just used in the design to represent wealth or money.

Very rarely will you ever come across a Diamond Tattoo that is this large, in this location of the body and in such a perfect, realistic style.

However, if you do stumble across one, you can bet your bottom dollar that it was done by New Zealand’s own Matt Jordan. Matt has been gaining more and more attention lately for his impeccable consideration to detail and his very unique style of tattooing.

This diamond has every bit of glimmer and shine that it needs to actually look like it’s worth the money, power and respect that it’s supposed to represent.

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