Dove Bird Tattoos: How to Choose The Most Suitable One?

There are various dove tattoo designs available. You may get your head spinning around choosing the most suitable dove tattoo especially when you are choosing the right dove tattoo in the tattoo shop. Therefore, let us walk through its emergence and symbolism and see the ways how people make use of this symbol before making the peace dove a part of your wonderful body art form.

Dove bird tattoos have been since ever a sign for some meaning that was linked with it. The meaning of the dove tattoo may be varied for different religious or countries. For example:

  • In European art it is an early Christian symbol meaning rest in peace. For this reason, many have the dove tattoo on their bodies sometimes with reference to a name of someone close to them who have passed on.
  • In China, it can be interpreted as a symbol of long life. Therefore, most of the Chinese tattooed with dove tattoo to symbol the pure longevity.
  • For Christian, it’s a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Being the symbol of the Holy Ghost in the Christian faith, the dove tattoos are used as a depiction of Lord Jesus Christ’s story in the Holy Bible. It relates to the Great Flood and God’s commandment to Noah to construct an Ark to carry ever animals and birds.
  • However, the dove tattoo is the favor for most of the peace lovers since it implied the universal symbol of peace. Thus, the dove tattoo is a very common requested design amongst peace activists.
  • If tattooed with a pair of doves, it is the meaning of love. And it is also said that doves mate for life.

For now, you may get some ideas of your most suitable dove tattoo. But it doesn’t end yet. You may need to further considering several tattoo criteria in depth before ready to get inked with your dream dove tattoo.

Once you have choose the category of the dove tattoo that means the most to you according to their symbolized meaning listed above. Then you have to select the suitable art work style or the outline you love the most for that dove tattoo you choose.

Since there is a wide selection of dove tattoos art work or outline available. Such as basic black outline, detailed black outlines, brightly colored and beautiful elegant pastels. Some combinations dove and flames dove and olive branch, dove and flowers, dove and butterflies. And there is lots of variety in sizes of these tattoos, from very tiny to large.

You have to choose the right art work or outline for your dove tattoo since the result may be much vary if you have chosen the wrong outline. Ask for some professional advices from the artist and show them your dove tattoo sample or you can also ask them to draw the art work or the outline for your dove bird tattoo as well.

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