Dragon Tattoo: Discover Your Own Uniqueness

If you’re looking for a special dragon tattoo, you’ll want to find the right dragon tattoo gallery that showcases these designs. The more specific you are about what you’re looking for, the easier it will be to find what you want.

There are thousands of different kinds of dragon tattoos. The less you know about dragons, the more likely it is that you will be duped into thinking that a more generic design is all right. Do a little research. You might be surprised by what you find—especially since so many world cultures have their own dragon myths.

The European traditions of dragon myths are surprisingly rich and varied. They include those of Slavic mythology, which consisted of different versions of male and female dragons. The females were often identified with destruction and struggle, and were associated with water. The males were more protective of mankind, but were associated with fire.

The Germanic traditions were the ones that portrayed dragons as hoarders of gold and treasure. (One thinks of Tolkien’s greedy Smaug, who was ultimately defeated by Bilbo Baggins.) They were also seen as guardian spirits of royalty.

In Celtic lore, dragons form part of the Arthurian legend and appear in an important dream that Merlin has, which foretells the Celts’ eventual struggle with Saxon invaders. Today, the red dragon is still a symbol of the Welsh and can be found on their national flag.

Eastern traditions have their own unique dragons. The dragon began as the symbol of theasian-dragon first emperor of China. It was also considered to be a ruler of bodies of water as well as the weather. Japanese dragons also share this rule of water, but tend to be more snakelike and fly less than their Chinese counterparts. The Vietnamese dragon also comes from the Chinese one, but in these myths, the people of Vietnam are the descendents of their dragon.

As you can see, the various types of dragons from various dragon tattoo galleries and the hidden meanings they symbolize can all play a role in your selection of a dragon tattoo. Find the right gallery by searching for various dragons by name (or use the names of certain cultures or the countries in which they’re found). You can also search for fictional dragons that come from books or movies. It will become pretty clear which galleries know their dragon lore and which do not.

Explore enough sites until you have a clear idea of the specific tattoo you tribal-dragon-tattoowant. Then, all you have to do is be able to indicate where on your body you want your dragon placed. The more you know, the more clear and specific you will be.

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