Eagle Globe Anchor Tattoo – A Patriotic Emblem for Americans

Eagle globe anchor tattoo represents the patriotic feelings of the people of America. Throughout the recorded history, this tattoo is most popular amongst the young and old patriotic people of America. Emblematic of patriotism, it is also known as Marine Corps emblem and is abbreviated as “EGA”.

Now, it is extremely important to know the meaning and significance of eagle globe anchor tattoo, before you actually decide to get it inked onto your body. To understand its value in the lives of eth people of America, one should look into its origin as a whole. Dates back to 1868, this emblem holds its importance in the lives of the people. It was a remarkable contribution of Jacob Zeilin, the Brigadier General of the 7th Commandant.

Earlier, the Marine Corps used spread eagle or fouled anchor as a symbol. But, the General was not satisfied with this emblem and felt there had to be more distinctive sign in order to represent brave Marines real spirit. He partly borrowed the idea from British history which is globe, the emblem of British Marines. Also, the emblem was conferred on Royal Marines by King George IV in 1827. Symbolic of British Marines achievements, it won name and fame all across the world. Hence, eagle globe anchor tattoo gained popularity as a symbol of winner’s spirit.

Furthermore, eagle globe anchor tattoo represents the National spirit that is closely connected to Maritime Services. Thus, this tattoo has emerged as a very patriotic symbol that not only energizes the otherwise inactive people towards their country, but also instils great thoughts. It holds high values and is very sacred to the bearer. Communicating the message of “death before dishonour” it actually honours the people who inked it onto their body permanently.

Creating a new dimension for the people of America, eagle globe anchor tattoo helps in eradicating the negative feelings that one cherishes against one’s nation. It motivates the people to reframe their nation. This tattoo holds very strong native feelings and is admired all across the world as a great piece of art. Instigating more positive feelings in its inhabitants, this tattoo is amongst the favourite of those people who love their nation and want to do any thing for their country.

Thus, if you are deciding upon inking it permanently onto your body; then it is essential for you to deeply understand its meaning, rather than taking it as a mere latest fad. If you succeed in figuring out its real worth, it will no doubt fill you with the feelings and emotions that are must for patriotic people. Symbolic of deep insight for one’s nation, eagle globe anchor tattoo, leaves a great impact on its bearer.

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